Rick Harrison’s Wife Deanna Burditt Wiki, Net Worth, Age & Height

Deanna Burditt is the wife of Rick Harrison, star of the hit TV show “Pawn Stars.” Though she prefers to stay out of the spotlight, Deanna has been an important part of Rick’s life since they first met in 2013. Here’s a closer look at who Deanna is and her relationship with Rick Harrison.

👰 Getting to Know Deanna

Deanna keeps her early life quite private. But we do know she was born in 1973, making her 6 years younger than her husband Rick. She has one son from a previous relationship.

Before meeting Rick, Deanna worked as a real estate agent in Las Vegas. She specialized in luxury homes and was very successful in her career.

Deanna is known to be very intelligent, hardworking and down-to-earth. Though she comes from a modest background, her ambition and business savvy helped her thrive professionally in Las Vegas’ high-end real estate market.

🤵 How She Met Rick Harrison

Rick and Deanna first met in 2013 when Rick was looking to buy a new house. As fate would have it, Deanna was the real estate agent representing the luxury home Rick wanted to purchase.

The couple felt an instant connection. As Rick recalled in an interview: “It was just magical.”

After several months of dating, Rick proposed to Deanna. The two tied the knot in July of 2013 in Laguna Beach, California. It was an intimate ceremony with just close family members in attendance.

👪 Blending Their Families

Blending families is never easy, but Rick and Deanna worked hard to make their families mesh after their wedding.

Rick was already father to three children from a previous marriage – Corey, Adam and Jake. Deanna brought her son from another relationship into the mix.

It took some adjustments, but the couple managed to blend their families successfully. Rick’s sons got along well with Deanna and she became a caring stepmother to them.

Today, the family all gets along remarkably well. Deanna maintains a close bond with her stepsons and often appears alongside them on “Pawn Stars.”

⭐ Deanna’s Role on Pawn Stars

Unlike Rick, Deanna never sought out fame or the spotlight. However, once she married Rick, she became a household name thanks to “Pawn Stars.”

Deanna makes occasional cameo appearances on the show, usually during family-centered episodes or the ones filmed around holidays. Fans enjoy getting glimpses into how the family interacts off-camera.

Though her role is minor, Deanna’s presence on the show is a testament to the strong, loving partnership she shares with Rick. She supports his passion for the pawn business and the TV series.

💍 Keeping Their Love Strong

After nearly 10 years of marriage, Rick and Deanna are still deeply devoted to one another. The key to their lasting love is making their relationship a priority.

Deanna has said that she and Rick make time for weekly date nights. She also emphasizes the importance of communication and being open with each other.

The couple has weathered difficult times, including health struggles. Rick has credited Deanna for sticking by him through it all.

It’s clear these high school sweethearts still adore each other. Their shared faith and family values provide the foundation for their marriage.

🏠 Their Home Life

When they first wed, Rick moved into Deanna’s sprawling Las Vegas home. The Mediterranean style mansion was over 11,000 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

In 2020, they decided to downsize. Rick sold Deanna’s mansion and purchased a smaller, but still upscale home for $3.99 million. The new place has 6 bedrooms and 6.5 baths across nearly 7,000 square feet.

Rick and Deanna enjoy hosting pool parties and backyard BBQs at their home. Deanna also utilizes the spacious kitchen and dining room to cook for her blended family.

💰 Deanna’s Net Worth

Most of Deanna’s net worth comes from her career in luxury real estate. Between 2010 and 2013, she regularly made yearly incomes of $500,000 or more.

Deanna’s estimated net worth is around $2 million. While certainly comfortable, that number pales in comparison to Rick’s staggering $13 million net worth.

However, Deanna doesn’t need Rick’s money to live well. Her own career success and wise money management paved the way for a financially secure life.

📺 A Private Person

Unlike many celebrity spouses, Deanna does not seek out fame or attention. She values her privacy and maintains a low profile outside of “Pawn Stars.”

Deanna does not have public social media accounts. You won’t find her doing interviews or product sponsorships either. She attends Hollywood events only to accompany her husband.

Deanna once said: “I’m just happy to enjoy life behind the scenes.” Her humble, down-to-earth nature is part of her appeal.

🤩 Inside Her Life Today

These days, Deanna maintains a full schedule as a wife, mother and TV personality. She balances family time with occasional real estate work.

Deanna and Rick stay active in their church community. She also makes time for hobbies like cooking, reading, yoga and gardening.

The couple loves traveling together. Some favorite destinations include Italy, France and Hawaii. Deanna also enjoys quiet getaways to their cabin in Schell City, Missouri.

Though comfortable in luxury, she remains true to her middle-class roots. Her integrity and devotion to Rick make Deanna Burditt a remarkable woman.

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