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Have You Heard of Live Sports Streaming on Netflix?

Well, we have some very good news for the Netflix users out there. The good news is that after a long wait, Netflix is going to stream live sports for its users. These would include Formula 1 racing and golf. But, this event is not a normal one, this is going to be set up with celebrities. Yes, and that’s true!

Netflix can be more fun now. It is already one of the most used applications in the world. All the content available on Netflix is just worth watching. There are upgrades introduced every month related to this application. You can find content of any genre and multiple languages. This subscription-based video streaming application is one of the highest subscribed apps in the entire world. In different countries, you have to pay in their currency with different charges to get subscriptions of different kinds.

Currently, like other applications, Netflix wants to stream live sports for its users. They have announced streaming live golf between professional golf players and Formula 1 drivers. The golf event will be taking place soon. This live tournament is not far enough; it would take place in November this year in Las Vegas, USA. With the help of these live events, popular brands are going to take it as a promotional step. They can promote their sports-related products, like cars in Formula 1 racing or sportswear.

This news came from the doors of The Wall Street Journal, that in November this giant event is waiting for Netflix users. Also according to them, this event in Las Vegas is going to include Formula One auto-racing docuseries Drive to Survive and golf docudrama Full Swing. Both of these are documentaries aired on Netflix. The public has positive reviews about these docudramas.

  • Formula One: Drive to Survive has an 8.5/10 IMDb on Netflix (94% likes on Google)
  • Full Swing has an 8/10 IMDb on Netflix (93% likes on Google)

Hence, it is clear that these are popular docudramas already, and won’t it be fun to see the cast in a live match?

Live Event Attempts Before This:

In March, a comedy show with Chris Rock was streamed live on Netflix which was successful. But later in April, the popular web series Love Is Blind, wanted to live stream its reunion special episode, despite its hype it went unsuccessful with delays for viewers. This time Netflix would have a tough time because people have high hopes for them regarding this live event.

Some New Policies for Netflix Streamers:

The new policy is the eradication of password sharing and increase in prices. This new rule makes sure that only one screen has access to Netflix at a time means no further sharing of passwords. Before this, multiple users were able to use a single Netflix account, but from now onwards this is not valid. Since this password sharing has been stopped, more than 200,000 new accounts have been created on Netflix.


The live sports golf event is soon going to take place in November on Netflix confirmed by the CEO. This event will take place in Las Vegas with professional golfers and Formula 1 drivers. This is one of the huge attempts by Netflix related to enter sports streaming like other video-on-demand applications. The success of such tournaments will encourage other sports organizers to live-stream on Netflix.


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