A $500 Million Term Sheet in 12 Hours: How Rippling Struck a Deal as Svb Was Melting Down

A $500 Million Term Sheet in 12 Hours: How Rippling Struck a Deal as Svb Was Melting Down


In the midst of a global pandemic, the business world has had to adapt to a new remote working environment. However, some companies have not only adapted but have thrived in these conditions. One such company is Rippling, which recently struck a $500 million deal in just 12 hours. This blog post will explore how Rippling managed to secure such a significant investment during a time of crisis and uncertainty.

The Meltdown at SVB

Rippling’s success story is made even more impressive by the fact that it took place during a period of chaos at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). SVB is a well-known financial institution that specializes in providing banking services to the technology industry. However, in March 2020, the bank’s systems suffered a meltdown, leaving many of its customers unable to access their accounts. This glitch could not have come at a worse time for the bank’s customers, many of whom were struggling to keep their businesses afloat during the pandemic.

The Rippling Deal

Despite the chaos at SVB, Rippling managed to secure a $500 million term sheet in just 12 hours. This deal was made possible thanks to the company’s innovative approach to HR and payroll services. Rippling offers a suite of tools that automate HR tasks, including employee onboarding, benefits enrollment, and payroll management. This platform has proven to be incredibly popular with businesses that are looking to streamline their HR processes.

The investors who were interested in this deal recognized the potential of Rippling’s platform and the value it could provide to businesses during these challenging times. They were willing to invest in Rippling despite the chaos at SVB because they saw the potential for significant growth and success.


Rippling’s $500 million deal in just 12 hours is an impressive feat that showcases the company’s resilience and innovative thinking. The chaos at SVB could have derailed this deal, but Rippling’s platform and the potential it offered were too attractive for investors to pass up. This success story serves as a reminder that even in the midst of a crisis, there are opportunities for growth and success for those who are willing to innovate and adapt.

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