💍Korie Koker: Danny Koker’s Wife Wiki, Net Worth, Age & Height📏

Danny Koker is best known as the star of the History Channel’s hit show Counting Cars. He is an avid car collector and restoration expert who runs the successful auto shop, Count’s Kustoms, in Las Vegas. While Danny is front and center on the show, fans are also curious to know more about his personal life. Specifically, they want details on his wife Korie Koker.

👰Who is Korie Koker?

Korie Koker, born Korie Zumstein, is Danny Koker’s long-time wife. Not much is publicly known about Korie as she tends to stay out of the spotlight. She works as a real estate agent in Las Vegas, but not much else is available about her career and background.

Korie and Danny reportedly met in 1992 when she was just 17 years old and he was 29. Despite the age gap, the two hit it off and eventually got married. They have now been together for over 25 years.

💑A Private Wife

While Danny appears regularly on Counting Cars and its spinoff shows, Korie chooses to stay off-camera. She has never made an appearance on any of Danny’s shows. The Count prefers to keep his family and personal life very private.

Danny and Korie have chosen not to share details about when they got married. Not much is known about their wedding details or even their exact anniversary date.

The couple does not have any children together. In a rare public moment, Korie explained that they chose not to have kids because their businesses keep them extremely busy. It seems the couple is content focusing on their work passions.

🏡Lives in Las Vegas

Danny Koker was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Korie Zumstein grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada where she still resides today. She met Danny after he moved to Vegas as an adult to start his professional career.

Korie has spent her whole life in Las Vegas except for a brief period when she and Danny moved to Los Angeles. The couple relocated to LA so Danny could pursue some on-camera opportunities. However, they ended up moving back to Vegas where they felt more at home.

Today, Korie and Danny live in a gorgeous Spanish-style home in the Winchester neighborhood of Las Vegas. Danny bought the home for approximately $1.1 million in 2017. The house includes 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in over 8,300 square feet of space.

💵Runs a Real Estate Business

While Danny brings in money from his thriving auto shop and TV shows, Korie contributes to the family finances as well. She runs her own real estate company called Korie Koker Real Estate.

Not much information is available on Korie’s real estate business. Her company does not appear to have a website or online presence. But we do know that Korie has managed to make a successful career in the lucrative Las Vegas housing market.

Combined with Danny’s income, the couple has done very well for themselves financially. They have the means to buy expensive collector cars and custom homes.

🎂Age and Birthday

Some online sources list Korie Koker’s birthday as being on March 25, 1975. That would make her 48 years old today. However, her exact birthdate has not been officially confirmed.

Since we know Korie was 17 when she met 29-year-old Danny in 1992, her presumed birth year of 1975 makes sense. This likely places her current age at somewhere around 48 years old.

🎥Never Appeared on TV

As mentioned earlier, Korie has never appeared on Counting Cars or any of Danny’s other shows. The couple keeps their relationship and family life very private.

Danny has explained that he prefers to keep Korie and their personal lives out of the spotlight. He wants to maintain some privacy and separation between his work life as a TV personality and his home life with his wife.

Fans are always curious to get a glimpse of Korie Koker onscreen. But it seems that after 25 years of marriage, she is determined to stay off-camera and enjoy a quiet life outside of the public view.

📏Height and Physical Appearance

Details on Korie Koker’s height, weight, and other physical attributes are not publicly available. She maintains such a private personal life that this information is not known.

Based on the few photos available online, Korie appears to be approximately average height and build. She looks to be in good shape for her age.

Korie seems to have a youthful appearance with long dark brown or black hair most often worn straight in a mid-length cut. Her style is commonly casual and comfortable for someone focused on real estate and business ownership.

📦Net Worth Estimate

Estimating Korie Koker’s net worth is difficult since so little is known about her real estate business and assets. Combined with husband Danny Koker’s assets, however, their family is likely worth several million dollars.

Danny’s business Count’s Kustoms is very successful, bringing in profits of over $20 million annually. He also earns $175,000 per episode for Counting Cars. Additionally, he has a side business dealing in classic cars.

With Korie’s real estate career also profitable, it’s reasonable to estimate the couple’s combined net worth somewhere around $10 – $15 million.

🏡In Conclusion

Korie Koker has succeeded in maintaining an impressively private personal life despite being married to a TV personality. She and husband Danny have chosen to keep their relationship and family life out of the public eye. While she shies away from the cameras, Korie has carved out an independent real estate career in Las Vegas where she was born and raised. The couple has now shared over 25 years of marriage – a rarity in the entertainment business. Korie Koker remains a protective wife focused on privacy, while Danny takes care of the public spotlight.

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