Henry Cavill’s Height, Weight And Abs For The Witcher

Henry Cavill stands at an impressive 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m) tall. This puts him on the taller side for leading men in Hollywood. His height was useful when portraying the larger-than-life monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher. Geralt is described as being over 6 feet tall in the books, so Cavill’s natural height helped him embody the role physically.

Cavill had to wear lifted shoes at times during filming to make him appear even taller compared to his co-stars. His height compared to Anya Chalotra (Yennefer) also created nice contrasts on screen. Overall, Cavill’s strong height is a boon and enabled him to take on the tall, imposing figure of Geralt in a natural way.

🌱 Henry Cavill’s Weight for The Witcher 🌱

Henry Cavill reportedly gained 14 pounds of muscle to portray Geralt in the first season of The Witcher. He weighed around 185 pounds during filming.

Gaining weight and muscle mass helped Cavill look more like Geralt, who is described as extremely muscular and broad-shouldered in the books. The extra weight also allowed Cavill to better fill out the character’s intricate costume and armor.

Cavill worked out intensely for several months before and during filming to pack on as much muscle mass as possible. His protein-heavy diet and tough workout regime focused on complex lifts and functional training to add lean muscle. The results speak for themselves on screen with Cavill looking bigger and burlier than ever before.

🏋️‍♂️ Henry Cavill’s Workout for The Witcher 🏋️‍♂️

To get in top physical form for Geralt, Henry Cavill followed an intense daily workout routine. He trained for several hours each day, 6 days per week.

His workouts focused on full-body functional movements like deadlifts, squats, pull-ups and rows. These complex exercises worked multiple muscle groups at once.

Cardio like trail running, boxing and jump rope was also part of his routine. This helped him burn extra calories and stay lean.

Cavill also did specialized training like fight choreography, horseback riding and sword skills. This prepared him for on-screen stunt work.

The demanding workout regimen required discipline and commitment from Cavill. But the results speak for themselves in his commanding, muscular portrayal of Geralt.

👕 Henry Cavill’s Diet for The Witcher 👕

To fuel his intense workouts and pack on pounds of muscle, Henry Cavill followed a strict diet during filming.

His nutrition plan focused on eating every 2-3 hours to keep his metabolism fired up. Each meal and snack focused on lean, quality proteins like chicken, fish, eggs and steak.

Complex carbs like rice, vegetables and some fruits were also staples. Healthy fats like nuts, seeds and olive oil helped him gain weight.

Supplements like protein powder helped him recover from workouts and build more muscle.

While his exact calorie count is uncertain, Cavill likely aimed for around 3,500-4,000 calories per day. The calories came from nutrient-dense whole foods that enabled muscle growth.

This clean, high-protein diet provided the raw materials to help Cavill become Geralt’s larger-than-life physique.

🎬 The Results on Screen 🎬

All of Henry Cavill’s hard work clearly paid dividends, as his physical transformation is eye-popping in The Witcher.

He looks every bit like the battle-hardened monster hunter Geralt should. His increased muscle mass fills out his costume impressively.

Cavill also moves naturally in the fight scenes, showcasing both power and agility. His training prepared him well to deliver realistic-looking swordplay and stunts.

For many fans of the books and games, Cavill’s commanding physicality makes him the perfect embodiment of Geralt. He put in the rigorous work to look as muscular and imposing as described in the source material.

From his height to his bulked up weight, Cavill dove into the role of Geralt wholeheartedly on a physical level. All his effort paid off with a jaw-dropping transformation that brings the White Wolf to life.

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