Does Tom Cruise Dye His Hair? 🤔

Tom Cruise has been one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood for over 30 years now. Ever since his breakout role in 1983’s Risky Business, Cruise has been known for his boyish good looks, infectious smile, and incredible stunt work in action films. However, as Cruise enters his 60s, people have begun to wonder – does he dye his hair? Or is that famous Cruise mane still naturally brown? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

Tom’s Ever-Constant Brown Locks 👱‍♂️

One of the most obvious signs that Tom Cruise might dye his hair is that his hairstyle and color have barely changed over the past 40 years. Go back and look at old photos or movies of a young Tom Cruise from the 80s and 90s – he had thick, lush brown hair. Now look at recent photos of Cruise, still starring in action franchises like Mission Impossible well into his late 50s – his hair is still remarkably brown and thick.

Most men start to go gray or see thinning of their hair as they get older, but Tom’s hair has defiantly stayed brown. Even men who don’t go fully gray will see some change in hair color and texture over 40 years – but Tom’s hair seems immune to aging. While genetics may play a role, it seems unlikely that Cruise wouldn’t have at least some gray hairs as he approaches 60. The consistency of his thick, brown hair points to dyeing.

Claims from Stylists 💇‍♂️

Several celebrity hair stylists have come forward over the years claiming they have dyed or at least “enhanced” Tom Cruise’s hair color for films or public appearances.

Celebrity colorist Jason Low told The Sun: “Tom Cruise has had his hair colored and styled for many years. It’s 100% dyed and cut to perfection every 2-3 weeks.” While another stylist, Amy Zielinski, told Radar Online: “I was Tom’s colorist for many years and colored his hair dark brown for many of his films during the 90s.”

While these claims haven’t been openly confirmed by Cruise himself, the word from stylists certainly lends credibility to the idea that some hair color assistance has occurred over the years.

Comparisons to Peers 👴

Perhaps the most telling evidence is simply comparing Tom Cruise to his peers in Hollywood. Actors that are the same age or even younger than Cruise, like George Clooney (61 years old), Brad Pitt (59 years old), or Johnny Depp (59 years old), have all started to go visibly gray over the past decade.

Looking at Cruise side-by-side with other actors in their late 50s and 60s makes his unchanged, dark hair all the more suspicious. Celebrities dyeing their hair is certainly not unheard of, especially in image-focused Hollywood. While genes may be a factor, it’s likely that Cruise has helped maintain his hair color over the years.

His Rep Won’t Confirm or Deny 🤐

Interestingly, Tom Cruise’s public relations team seems to employ a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy when it comes to questions about his hair color. They won’t confirm if he dyes his hair, but also won’t deny it when asked directly.

Dodging the question raises eyebrows even more. If Cruise’s hair was genuinely and entirely natural, wouldn’t his team just say so? The non-answers certainly leave the dyeing question open for debate.

Does It Matter? 🤷‍♂️

At the end of the day, does it really matter if Tom Cruise dyes his hair? Though he’s still a major star, Cruise is allowed some vanity as he ages under the glare of Hollywood. Dyeing hair is a common choice for men and women as they get older – Cruise wouldn’t be alone.

The evidence points to yes – Tom Cruise likely uses dye to maintain his dark, youthful hair color at nearly 60 years old. But whether he does or not, there’s no denying the guy still has an impressive head of hair that seems to defy time. Cruise’s superspy Ethan Hunt would no doubt approve of maintaining his covert, natural-looking shade over the years through any means necessary!

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